2012Winter Birds
Winter Birds
Danny Crell and his family endure a weekend of violence that transforms them as his father acts out his anger at the loss of his arm; it is a Thanksgiving that Danny will remember for the rest of his life. Winner of the Sue Kaufman Prize and finalist for the PEN/Hemingway.
1995Dream Boy
Dream Boy
Nathan’s family moves into a new house in a new town, next door to the Connelly family. Nathan and Roy, the Connelly’s son, begin a courtship that leads to the revelation of the hard secret Nathan has kept for most of his life, and ends in a confrontation with ghosts of the past that sweep them into a new world. Winner of the Stonewall Prize of the American Library Assocation, the oldest prize for GLBT books in the country and finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Men’s Literature.
1997My Drowning
My Drowning
Ellen Crell, late in life, finds herself obsessed by a dream that comes to her over and over again, in which her mother steps down a riverbank into dark water and disappears. Pursuit of the memory leads her into a current of memory that is changeable and deep as she realizes her own childhood is more vivid to her than her present world. This novel completes the story of the mother in Winter Birds; for this book Grimsley was named Georgia Author of the Year.
2003Comfort and Joy
Comfort and Joy
Danny Crell brings his partner Ford McKinney home for Christmas, triggering tension in his family as they must accept his same-sex relationship; Ford’s family has rejected them both, though over this Christmas Ford will come to understand that he must confront his own family in the same way that Danny has done with his. The couple has gone through a hard early passage as both men have had to come to terms with Ford’s reticence to be open about his sexuality as well as Danny’s hemophilia and HIV status. A finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Men’s Literature.
1998Mr. Universe
Mr. Universe and Other Plays
A collection of four plays, Mr. Universe, Math & Aftermath, The Borderlands, and The Lizard of Tarsus; in Mr. Universe, winner of the 1988 Oppenheimer for Best New American Play, two drag queens discover an injured bodybuilder, mute, wandering the streets of the French Quarter. In deciding to help him by offering him shelter for the night, they set a series of events in motion that will change their life. The collection was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Drama.
Newell moves to New Orleans from Pastel, Alabama, with a couple of hundred dollars in his pocket and a hunger to test his strength and independence in the streets of the French Quarter, where he will come to understand his own sexuality and the appetites that awaken in him. He gets a job in an adult bookstore and explores the world of sex and danger. Grimsley was named Georgia Author of the Year for the second time for this novel.
2000Kirith Kirin
Kirith Kirin
In this fantasy novel, a young farmer’s son is called into the proscribed territory of an old forest to serve the hereditary prince of Aeryn; there he is taught magic by three strange women and learns that he will play a part in a battle with a powerful, immortal wizard. Jessex and the prince form a deep bond with one another as the world in which they live descends into a war that is longer and more destructive than they imagined. Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.
A man plots to kill his wife when she refuses to divorce him; their family, lost in material comfort and blatant consumption, festers like a wound. Part of the inaugural James Michener Fiction Series of the University of Texas at Auston Press.
2005The Ordinary
The Ordinary
A portal appears in the Hormling ocean that leads to another world, and Jedda Martele, a linguist, joins an expedition into the heart of this new country. In this science fiction successor to the fantasy novel Kirith Kirin, Grimsley explores the conflict that arises when a world driven by science collides with a world in which magic has always dominated life and politics. Both worlds come to a crisis of belief as the idea of magic undermines the authority of science in the Hormling world, while in Irion the success of science brings about powerful doubts in the religion that has always governed the Erejhen people. Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, and a Booklist Top Ten Book of the Year selection.
2006The Last Green Tree
The Last Green Tree
The Hormling have come to be ruled by the wizard Malin and her forebear Irion; on their colony planet a powerful invader instigates a civil war that proves magic to be vulnerable after centuries in which no military threat has been able to shake its authority. Refugees from the Hormling home world join with natives of Aramen to discover the source of the war and to stop it if they can.
2008Jesus is Sending You This Message
Jesus Is Sending You This Message
A collection of short stories published by Allyson Books; stories include the title tale, which was anthologized in New Stories of the South: The Year’s Best 2001, and Best of the South: From Ten Years of New Stories from the South.
2015How I Shed My Skin
How I Shed My Skin
In this memoir, Grimsley traces his journey away from bigotry; the book tells the story of school desegregation in eastern North Carolina during the years 1966-1972. The tale begins when three black girls walk into his sixth grade classroom, facing a body of white students who have shared the same classroom up until that point. The presence of the black girls changes that small world in large ways, and a bit of history overtakes Grimsley’s Jones County home.